We Want YOU: Join the Tech to Protect Challenge in Your Community

Every day America’s emergency responders including EMS, firefighters and law enforcement, put on their uniforms and set out to protect the communities they serve. The Tech to Protect Challenge supports their mission by inviting people like you to innovate the technology they use in daily emergency response operations.  

Two people committed to rallying their communities to get involved are Tech to Protect Challenge Regional Organizing Partners (ROPs) Jess Kryzenske of Galvanize in Denver, Colorado, and Julio Feliciano of San Francisco State University in San Francisco, California. As ROPs, they are leading the charge locally in the Mile High City and the Bay Area.

We caught up with Jess and Julio recently, and they shared their thoughts about why you should get involved in the Tech to Protect Challenge, either online or at a regional codeathon event in a city near you.

“Whether you’re a developer, 911 operator, student or firefighter, the Tech to Protect Challenge is about solving problems.

You’ll have the opportunity to showcase your coding, organizing and presentation skills while working on problems that will improve public safety.

Most importantly, the Tech to Protect Challenge, like other civic hacking events, provides people an opportunity to do what is most quintessentially American: rolling up our sleeves, getting involved, and working together to improve our community.”

Julio Feliciano
Regional Organizing Partner: San Francisco State University
Tech to Protect Challenge: San Francisco Regional Codeathon

The Tech to Protect San Francisco regional codeathon is hosted by San Francisco State University, which was ranked third among all U.S. universities for diversity by the Wall Street Journal and has been named a “College with a Conscience” by Princeton Review

Problem-solving requires a wide range of skills and perspectives and a sense of purpose that the SF State community fosters. Sign up now to problem-solve with Julio and others in the Bay Area, November 1-3.

Heading over to Denver, the Galvanize team is working hard to prepare an exciting Tech to Protect regional codeathon event in their city. Fun Fact: Denver is also home to NIST’s PSCR Division headquarters where some of our talented technical leads work who developed the 10 Tech to Protect Challenge contests.

“Our community’s health and safety is the responsibility of all of us who call Colorado home, but this responsibility often falls on the shoulders of first responders.

The Tech to Protect codeathon is an opportunity to leverage your technical expertise to solve real world problems and meet some awesome folks at the same time, and maybe even win prizes!

Codeathons are also a great way to learn more about the careers of software engineers and data scientists, so non-technical participants can explore this industry and balance the teams out in a great way. There’s room for participants of all skill levels and abilities.”


Jess Kryzenske
Regional Organizing Partner: Galvanize
Tech to Protect Challenge: Denver Regional Codeathon

Galvanize, known as “the learning community for tech,” specializes in bringing together students, startups and others who want to learn and make a difference with technology. Why not learn while making a difference, September 27-29, alongside Galvanize and the Denver community?

Not in the Bay Area or Denver, but want to learn more about how to participate in the Tech to Protect Challenge? Learn about our in-person codeathons and how you can engage online.