Tech to Protect Supporter Spotlight: Bespoken

In this blog series, we highlight our amazing industry partners that support the Tech to Protect Challenge and its goal of creating new technology for emergency responders. Take a look at our Q&A with Bespoken and discover why they’re excited to be a part of our national open innovation contest.

Q: Who is Bespoken?

A: Bespoken was founded to help people build great AI-voice experiences. Automated testing and diagnostic tools are the building blocks from which exceptional systems are built – confidently and iteratively.

Since Bespoken was founded in 2017, we’ve rapidly become the leader in automated testing and monitoring for voice applications. Developers around the world trust our software to ensure their creations are released free from errors, offering excellent and delightful experiences to their users. We’re committed to improving computer-human voice interaction by playing an engaged, supportive, and communal role on the center stage of the voice-first world.

Our work culture focuses on the individual, giving equal opportunities to our team, who work with freedom, joy and independence. In the globalized world in which we live, it no longer matters where you work from and that is why we chose a country in the heart of the Andes as the base of operations. Visit us in Peru and we will be happy to share our welcoming spirit with you!

Q: Why do you think the Tech to Protect Challenge is important to helping improve emergency response and public safety communications?

A: The Tech to Protect Challenge is a great opportunity for voice developers to create innovative solutions for hands-free communication during emergencies. These are critical situations, ones where being able to interact in a way that is easy, intuitive and absolutely minimizes distractions is critical. Voice is a natural fit for such use-cases, so we are incredibly excited to see what comes out of these contests and help support this mission!

Beyond the great benefits that voice applications could provide in an emergency, we believe that it is crucial for these to be error-free, up and running 24/7, and easy to use. Any error in a voice application could seriously compromise the success of the operations. That’s just where Bespoken comes in. Our tools will help test and monitor every voice creation for this challenge to make sure they work perfectly and as expected to reap maximum benefits for public safety operations.

Q: What inspired Bespoken to support the Tech to Protect Challenge?

A: We work with many companies across a wide variety of industries at Bespoken. But the goal of the Tech To Protect Challenge to create emergency responder technology really resonated with us. We think it’s a fantastic cause because it simultaneously fosters innovation that is: 1.) Mission-critical, and would be some of the most essential applications of voice that we have seen to date, and 2.) Perfectly suited for voice, as for so many emergency, first-response situations, minimizing distraction and the need for attention via eyes and hands is a huge benefit, if not absolutely required. We are excited to support this initiative and see what the contestants come up with.

You can learn more about Bespoken online here and connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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