Submissions accepted through November 15, 2019.

An open call for innovative individuals, teams, and organizations to participate virtually by developing a prototype or solution to address one of the Tech to Protect Challenge contests. Participants who are unable to attend a regional codeathon in person hosted in one of the 10 cities are encouraged to submit a solution to any of the contests online.

Online contest registration is a two-step process that must be completed in order to receive up-to-date information regarding your participation and submitting a solution.  

  1. First, indicate your interest to participate using the “REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE” button to confirm you will submit a solution virtually.
  2. Then, once your solution is ready, you can submit it through the Screendoor platform between now and November 15, 2019 by using the “SUBMIT A SOLUTION” button.

Please note, regional codeathon participants are also encouraged to submit their best and final submissions through the online contest. Top-ranked online contest participants will be eligible for up to $1,850,000 in cash prizes and will be announced at the National Award Event Contest taking place in April 2020.


April 2, 2019
Tech to Protect Challenge Kick-Off

Tech to Protect Challenge Kick-Off
Official launch of the national open innovation contest – sign-up for the email list to stay connected and get involved!

May-June 2019
Registration Open

Registration Open
In-person contest locations and contest details will be released, so be sure to register in a city near you and build your teams.

June 1, 2019
Online Contest Opens

Online Contest Opens
Virtual participants who cannot attend in-person contests are encouraged to participate by submitting your solutions online.

September 27-29, 2019
Codeathon Round 1

Codeathon Round 1
First round of in-person events hosted in 5 U.S. cities.

November 1-3, 2019
Codeathon Round 2

Codeathon Round 2
Second round of in-person events hosted in 5 U.S. cities.

November 15, 2019
Online Contest Closes

Online Contest Closes
Final submissions collected for the Online Contests.

January 24, 2020
Top Participants Selected for National Event Contests

Top Participants Selected for National Event Contests
Top-ranked participants from the in-person and the Online Contest invited to the National Award Event.

April 2020
National Award Event

National Award Event
Top participants compete in the Demonstration. Seed and Progress Round Contests and final cash prizes awarded. 

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Tech To Protect

Contest 001

360 Degree View:

A Mobile Dashboard for Your Network Security
Build a centralized mobile data dashboard to keep emergency responders continually aware of the security of their connections.

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Contest 002

No Need To Repeat:

Delivering Mission Critical Communications
Strengthen voice communications with push-to-talk technology
for mission-critical response.

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Contest 003

Looking Under the Hood:

Using Augmented Reality to Help Save Trapped Passengers
Use AR to map the safest way to extricate passengers
in critical vehicle collisions.

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Contest 004

Got You Covered:

Mapping LTE Capabilities to Save Lives
Expand mapping capabilities to better assess LTE network coverage.

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Contest 005

Fire Safety in 3D:

Incentivizing Homeowners to Create Pre-Incident Plans for Firefighters
Design a prototype app that incentivizes homeowners to upload 3D floor scans in order to create fire safety checklists and pre-incident plans.

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Contest 006

Voice Commands to Virtual Assistants:

Hands Free Device Control
Create a customized, voice-activated virtual assistant fit for emergency response.

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Contest 007

Sensor Integration:

Monitoring Emergency Responders’ Health
Leverage emergency responder sensor and sensor networks to support on-the-job safety.

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Contest 008

No Coverage:

Placing Deployable Networks in Emergencies
Develop a diagnostic tool that informs emergency responders on the expected and current coverage and services of LTE deployable networks.

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Contest 009

Making the Case:

Proactive Image Protection
Enhance digital security by creating software that detects image tampering and manipulation.

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Contest 010

Organizing Chaos:

Calming Catastrophe by Tracking Patient Triage
Improve response for locating, tagging and tracking patients in mass casualty incidents.

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