Creating Tech to Protect. What Does That Mean?

It means linking creative minds together to develop technology that can make a difference for emergency responders and the communities you serve. It’s 10 coding contests hosted online and in 10 cities nationwide, all with one goal: bringing together public safety, technologists and entrepreneurs to advance communications capabilities that will enable emergency responders to more effectively carry out their mission.

Why A Tech to Protect Challenge?

Professionals like you work to improve the safety of people and the communities they call home. For emergency responders, effective communications can mean the difference between life and death. Creating Tech to Protect means developing new technologies that perform at the same level of service you provide—tools and resources that are reliable, dependable and innovative.

The National Institute of Standards in Technology (NIST) and its Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) Division supports the work of emergency responders, focusing on driving innovation in public safety communications with cutting-edge research and development. Supported by The Public Safety Trust Fund and strategic partnerships, PSCR’s team of scientists and researchers work to advance technologies for emergency responders.

Advancing Technology for Emergency Responders

Technology is constantly evolving with new and innovative applications for public safety’s use. The Tech to Protect Challenge advances technology for emergency responders with a focus on developing tools that strengthen existing capabilities, create new capabilities, and leverage data to assist public safety response to emergency situations.

Students, researchers, programmers, engineers, and more will come together to connect, collaborate and create new technology—from software programs to mobile applications—that will help emergency responders operate more efficiently, effectively and safely in accomplishing their mission.

Get Involved

Join the Tech to Protect Challenge. Come connect, collaborate and create.

Join or create a team: Emergency responders are encouraged to participate in the coding contests and submit solutions, individually or as a team.

Or, share your knowledge and experience as a resource to participants online or in-person at one of the 10 regional codeathon contests. Provide context and help participants understand the unique challenges you face every day and how their ideas can support your work.

Email [email protected] to learn more about how you and your department can get involved.

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