Create Life-Saving Technology by Coding for Emergency Responders

The Tech to Protect Challenge invites forward-thinking minds to create transformative tech tools for America’s emergency responders.

Imagine a world where firefighters can virtually see through the exterior of a car using augmented reality to save trapped passengers from a fiery crash. Or, where EMS teams on a search-and-rescue mission can extend their cellular network instantaneously to geo-locate stranded hikers.

These are the technologies that emergency responders need today to protect communities nationwide.

The Tech to Protect Challenge connects public safety professionals with innovators like you to solve the communication challenges they face during emergency response missions. We’ve designed 10 unique coding contests with emergency responders in mind that can be solved with cutting-edge technology—from mobile apps to software programs and everything in between.

Whether you’re a coding extraordinaire or a novice with bold ideas, you’re invited to join us in innovating the future of public safety communications. Here’s how to get involved:

Regional Codeathons
On September 27-29 and November 1-3, the Tech to Protect Challenge is coming to 10 major U.S. cities. For participants who want to collaborate with teams face-to-face and have access to subject matter experts on the ground, register at the links below for a regional codeathon:

Online Contest
For anyone who wants to submit a solution to one of the contests, but can’t attend a regional codeathon, submissions are accepted virtually with the online contest. Remember to register here to complete the process and follow the steps to upload your best and final solution.

Visit these links to learn more about both participations opportunities:



We can’t wait to connect, collaborate and create for emergency responder communications!