Moving Public Safety Communications into the Future

Public safety agencies across America are comprised of men and women dedicated to keeping people and communities safe. Their daily life-saving response—from natural disasters to daily incidents—is selfless and inspiring. They require secure, reliable and innovative communication technologies to fulfill their mission.

The Tech to Protect Challenge is a national open innovation contest designed to support the work of emergency responders, including EMS, firefighters and law enforcement, by connecting with creative individuals and collaborating to create new technologies for the future of public safety communications.

The Tech to Protect Challenge welcomes individuals with diverse experience and expertise to help save lives in your community by creating new technology that is progressive, easy to use and dependable.

An Open Call for Innovation

Held throughout 2019, both online and at 10 in-person locations across the U.S., this open innovation contest will bring creative minds together to collaborate and solve complex technology challenges that emergency responders face. Contest solutions will include mobile apps, software applications, user interfaces, data systems and more.

The Tech to Protect Challenge provides participants with opportunities to showcase expertise and talent, expand their professional portfolios, and connect with leaders across public safety and communications.

Participants will have access to resources – including researchers, scientists, and public safety experts – to kick-start their creativity and design their submissions.

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